SL-8400 Line
8415 Slide Latch

Slide Latch Picture

The 8415 Slide latch has three components: (each sold separately)

  • a slotted sliding bar which is sold assembled to a mounting plate,
  • a bush which is gripped in its grooved section by the sliding bar, and
  • a spacer which raises the bush to clear thick panels.

The sliding bar and mounting plate are attached to the removable panel and the bush is mounted to the panel's stationary support. In closure the spring action of the bar resists opening under vibration and shock loads.

Clearance above the slide latch need only allow for fingers to grip the sliding bar. The latch is also sold with the handle pointing downward for mounting on the underside of the panel.

Dimension inch mm Slide Latch Dimension Drawing
Dimension D is the Slide Action Clearance.
A 1.575 40.01
B 1.122 28.50
C .177 4.50
D .590 14.99
F .295 7.49
G .709 18.01
ěH .134 3.40
I .669 16.99
J .453 11.51
Description Part Number Suggested Maximum
Operating Load
Wear Life
8415 Slide Latch: 8415-Z3CT 150 lb 10,000
8415 Slide Latch, Handle Down: 8415-10-Z3CT --- 10,000
Bushing: 8415-03-Z3CT --- ---
Spacer: 8415-04-Z3CT --- ---

Material: steel


Also available in all Stainless Steel 300 series; change the finish suffix from -Z3CT to -SS on the part numbers. (Spacers are not available in stainless steel.)

All parts also available in steel with bright commercial chrome plate. Change the finish suffix from Z3CT to K3C. (Spacers not available in chrome.)

Inside diameter of bushing and spacer: .170" (4.32 mm)

The use of the 8415-04-Z3CT spacer is dependent upon the panel thickness. See the table below.

Spacer Call-up: 8415-04-Z3CT
Panel Thickness Spacers Required
inch mm
.046-.080 1.17 - 2.03 None
.081-.128 2.06 - 3.25 One
.129-.160 3.28 - 4.06 Two

Bushings and Spacers are sold separately.


Slide Latch Installation Drawing 1 Slide Latch Installation Drawing 2

Bushing Installation Methods

Slide Latch Installation Drawing 3

Fasten the bushing using any of the above methods. We recommend a 5/32" or 3.97 mm rivet as this is the closest to a standard size rivet without going over the .170" I.D. of both the Bushing and Spacer. Fasteners for the bushing are not supplied.