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ST-1200 Product Picture
ST-1200 Line

PX-1600 Line

New! Racex®
Race Car product

4639-CR55 Ejecting Stud Picture

Special introductory pricing.
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SU-2300 Product Picture
SU-2300 Line

PA-3500 Line

DFCI Race Car Picture
Racing Components

DP-6100 Line

SL-8400 Line

PA-3500 Hand

Installation Tools Replacement
Components Now Available

DA-4600 Line
UN-5700 Product Picture
UN-5700 Line

TL-7800 Line
Push-to-Lock, Turn-to-Open Product Picture
AR-4610 Line
ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C Certificate of Registration
DFCI Solutions, Inc.
ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C
Gulfstream Approval Certificate
DFCI Solutions, Inc.
is a
Gulfstream Approved Supplier
Wesco Aircraft Approval Certificate
DFCI Solutions, Inc.
is a
Wesco Aircraft Approved Supplier
1940's Ad Picture
The Dzus fastener
circles the world
in a promotional
illustration from
the 1940s

DFCI Solutions, Inc., the originator of the Quarter Turn Fastener, offers the most diverse product line of quick-acting fasteners.

With years of experience DFCI Solutions can provide a solution that will meet all your requirements of design, quality, and target cost.